An Early Blossom in the Graveyard of False Starts

It is time to face the humiliation of my other blog. The one about the sequel to Judging Angels that I've written probably three different versions of. At least I come bearing something published in the meantime.

Saint Corbinian's Bear Lenten Companion for Bearish Humans is out and off to a good start considering it wasn't released until Ash Wednesday. An early bird even got the first review up! Here's the short trailer:

But, what about the sequel to Judging Angels? Well, it's like this. Never let it be said that Tim Capps was a writer afraid to nuke a few hundred thousand words of a version that wasn't coming together. Oh, don't get me wrong. It was some pretty good writing, and will probably be put to good use- just not this time.

I'm doing something completely different now. It's a lot simpler and follows the original Judging Angels without missing one second. I'm still looking forward to introducing the setting hinted at in the first novel of the Rubricatae Chronicles, but this is the story that needs to be told first.

And I love it.

Book 1 of the Rubricatae Chronicles has a perfect record of 26 five-star ratings on Amazon. If you enjoy a long read with plenty of capers, but one that still makes you think, you ought to like Judging Angels. I think I know what people like about it. For all the desperate chasing around, it remains an intimate drama of marriage at heart. The new project retains that feel.

You'll find out what happened at the end of Judging Angels early on and be reintroduced to some familiar characters. There are also two brand new ones I think you'll like, too.

Further affiant saith not.