Judging Angels Book 2 and "The Minuteman Act"

I think I'm getting this whole novel-writing thing down at last. I am very pleased with Judging Angels, but less so with the process that got me there. It was wasteful because I like to write more than I like to think.

I ran into the same problem with the sequel. It was far too ambitious. I realized it was two novels combined into one overlong one. So, I split them by their settings and have returned to the more straightforward telling that served me well in the original Judging Angels.

Now, I have two much better novels, and I don't feel like I'm bogged down in a land war in Asia (on this 30th anniversary of The Princess Bride). I still have as much to say, but I'm not going to say it all in one book. 

It would not make sense to deal with the same themes in the sequel as I did with the first book. I promise there will be a new slice of the moral universe to explore from a traditional Western perspective. There will be some characters from the first book, but also some brand new ones I can't wait to introduce you to.

The graphic gives a taste of the original's mordant humor, now in the funhouse mirror setting of Book 2. It's going to be another wild ride, with lots of curves, but through much different scenery. Fans of Brian and Pecksley ought to be pleased.

And of course, it would not be in the Rubricatae Chronicles canon without at least one Red.