If Writers Were Plants, I would be Kudzu

I don't know why I should find myself wondering why I have so much to learn after one published novel. After all, after my first murder trial, I still had a lot to learn. I never stopped learning as a lawyer.

Don't get me wrong, I would never have consented to the publication of something I wasn't proud of.

But what I am learning is that I write very inefficiently. I like big. I like complicated.

Too big, too complicated. (Even at 500 pages, Judging Angels is much less big and complicated than originally conceived and executed, but apparently works.) If I've learned one thing, it's don't make things harder on yourself than necessary as a writer. It's tough enough as it is.

If writers were plants, I would be kudzu.

So, I'm splitting the too-long sequel into two novels, each with slightly overlapping story lines, and each focusing on one setting. The whole parallel plots between two vastly different settings is too complex to make work, I have realized. Who knows? Maybe someone could make it work?

Someone with more experience, maybe.

So, I'm making progress, working from back-to-front. (Deciding on an ending first and working toward hooking it up with previously written material I can still use.)

And, I hope, the third book will be well on its way toward completion.


  1. God bless your literary endeavors. You deserve that whatever you write brings you great satisfaction and financial rewards beyond your wildest dreams. May it be so.

    1. Thanks, Kathleen! I forget that anyone ever looks at this blog. I am not holding out much hope for the whole financial rewards things. It does bring great satisfaction, however, especially when reviews speak of how meaningful it was to them. The Bear gets similar comments, too, which is the main reason he keeps plugging away. The Woodlands of the Bear have grown beyond the ownership of the author or anyone at all. It is truly the collective the Bear dreamed of. Look at all the insightful and erudite comments it generates! And sweet, and funny comments, too.


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