Another Funny Review (With Author Comments)

This novel was a shot in the dark for me. I bought it based on the writings in the author's blog. I rarely read novels and when I do, they do not have lawyers as protagonists. I had no idea what to expect, but I definitely did not expect what I got. 

Nobody ever does, do they? Especially from authors who think they are Bears.

I found the first chapter disjointed and disorienting. 

Mission Accomplished. Welcome to the disjointed and disoriented head of our protagonist.

At chapter end I thought "what the blank is this?". 

Funny, my same reaction after writing it.

 Except I didn't say "blank". 

Neither did I.

Chapters two and three made sense of chapter one quicker than I thought possible.

Yeah, I figured people would be entertained by disjointed and disoriented for only so long. Thanks for sticking with it.

From that point on it was difficult to put down. As I approached the end of the book I kept wondering how the author would resolve things. 

So did the author.

Spoiler alert: he doesn't.

We'll agree to disagree. All the major characters find themselves at the landing spot they themselves have chosen. The conventional "rescue yarn" was never the real story, anyway. As characters are reminded, "the real story is on the inside." If that is true, the real story was indeed wrapped up. However, the author concedes that the reader might be left wondering what the Hell happens to everybody.

This was no accident, but a devious writer's trick.

Fortunately, God willing, that will be answered in the first four less disjointed and disorienting chapters of the forthcoming next book in the Rubricatae Chronicles, "I Haven't Thought Up a Name Yet," (but am considering "The Sting of the Lash and the Solace of the Bite.") I could just go ahead and publish them in this space, but I really want you to buy the next book, so I am holding their novelistic lives ransom for your money, which at least makes more sense than the poorly thought-out plan of the kidnappers in the book.

On the last page I had the feeling that about a third of the book was missing. 

Close - maybe one-third of a trilogy?

 I'm hoping that these points will be resolved in the next book, which I will definitely buy.

Yes and thank you for your support. Thank you for your review, too!

Lots of surprises in this book; some I guessed in advance, others not. You'll learn what a blue falcon is and that there's a highway to hell (paved with good intentions) but only a stairway to heaven.

And never trust a redhead.

The author's driver, bodyguard and factotum, Red Death, who is also his lawfully wedded wife is the exception.