53k Words - Thinking about an Ending

Well, lookee me, surprising myself by fast writing. Fifty-three thousand words.

Now I'm in the groove, rotating character-groups, keeping things moving. With the new writing, it is clear that I am going to have to bring things to an end sooner than I expected. In other words, I am not going to be able to finish the story intended for Book 2 in Book 2. So, I'm going to have to perform some radical surgery, and quite a bit of nip tuck, too.

That's great news, because it means I'll be done sooner than expected (God willing).

But if Book 2 of the Rubricatae Chronicles is going to be a stand-alone novel, as well as the next installment in the series, I need to decide what part of the original Book 2 story will fit, and plot the landing point of the characters' natural trajectories.

And I think I have an idea.