Rubricatae Chronicles Word of the Day

The vast universe of the Rubricatae Chronicles (sorry, GoT, the Judging Angels series is too big for just one world) has its own rich vocabulary. To assist readers, Hermes Pharmaceuticals, maker of the drug Adapt, bring you The Word of the Day. Ask your doctor if Adapt is right for you. "For when there's nothing wrong - with you."


  1. I LOVE "Word(s) of the Day," and I definitely love this one! They give your mind a little tidbit to focus on, and occasionally come in handy afterwards. They ward off tedium by demonstrating that something as (ostensibly) mundane and familiar as the English language itself remains, in reality, a vast unconquered wilderness just waiting to be explored. They remind me of a time (that halcyon age, never to be recovered) when the first thing I looked for as the steam curled up from the coffee mug was a WORD--an interesting, possibly wholesome, reliably enlivening connector between myself and the rest of God's universe--rather than news of the latest outrage perpetrated by the man who ought to be our spiritual leader and his network of collared minions. More Words of the Day, I say!

    1. As long as you do realize that all my words of the day are made up by me, although you're welcome to try them out on your friends. An old, dried up rich guy with a sweet young thing on his arm might provoke the comment, "Just look at that bunny snuggler."


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