Judging Angels Sequel Stats


48,500 words, or over 1/4 of original Judging Angels competed in first draft.

30 scenes in four general settings: Washington D.C., Washington D.C., Cascade, WI, and Other.

Approximately 30 characters depending on what constitutes "a character" sufficient for counting - here an actor with lines - but of course only a few of those are major characters.


Additional major new characters are already planned I think you'll enjoy.

There is a high probability of piracy on the high seas.

The original narrative continues three weeks after the first book ends and blasts through one action-packed week involving familiar characters and answering questions left over from the previous book. Well, most of them. Some of them, but the really, really big ones.

Then there is a flashback that begins on the original Christmas Eve, 28 days before the end of the original book involving new characters and bigger plots.

The two timelines, with their own sets of characters and plots, collide 28 days after the original book ends, or one (action-packed, remember?) week after the opening scene of the new book - the one that is three weeks after the end of the original one.

Got that?

Trust me. It will be all make perfect sense.

Unlike LOST.

From just about where the novel is in its first draft as it stands, the action will all take place in the same time period with characters old and new interacting for new reasons as additional themes related to the Catholic faith and humanity in general are explored.

But be forewarned.

Things are much, much worse than you think.