Judging Angels & Author Featured in Dappled Things

I am pleased to pass this one along: Judging Angels received very kind treatment in the current issue of the Catholic literary quarterly, Dappled Things, which you can read here. The author was licking his chops over an interview with the sort of Catholics who understand what he was trying to accomplish with his genre-bending epic.

A while back, the author of the piece Jonathan McDonald and his now-bride met us for the traditional Latin Mass at the Oratory in St. Louis and both couples enjoyed lunch afterwards on the St. Louis landing. It was a pleasure to meet such a lovely and erudite pair of young Catholics.

As a firm believer that redheads are undeniably God's greatest gift to the eye of man, and having been married to his own "dappled thing" for 40 years, it is particularly gratifying to appear in a fine journal with the seeming inevitable name. (For the record, the redhead in Judging Angels does not have freckles, which fact alone should call into question her origin.)