Finally: One Answer to the Blacklist

Remember: if you are sad, troubled,
have doubts, not positive and not living
your Catholic faith victoriously, there is
something seriously wrong with you.
One Catholic media outlet was kind enough to provide an answer as to why they declined to acknowledge Judging Angels. I do sincerely thank them for the courtesy.

Without going into details, the sense was that they preferred positive stories where Catholics victoriously lived out their faith.

And, that's nice, I agree.

I have to wonder, however, what service they imagine they are providing to Catholics who may not be victoriously living out their faith. There may be Catholics who are confused, tempted and even lapsed.

I don't know. Perhaps I have it all wrong, and all Catholics except me are victoriously living out their faith and Catholic novels should solve characters' problems in a few gentle pages of rosaries and counsel from their kind and wise parish priest.

But, they have one thing right. I didn't write Judging Angels for Catholics without doubts, without temptations, and without sin. I suspect their victorious Catholics would not find much value in practical lessons about dealing with temptation and near occasions of sin, or warnings that moral choices have consequences.

And, the possibility of actually dying in your sins and going to Hell is probably viewed as an embarrassing superstition by all those Catholics victoriously living out their faith. In any case, it isn't anything they have to worry about, being victorious and all.

So, let me clear this up. Judging Angles is NOT written for Catholics who are effortlessly living out their faith victoriously. It is written for bruised and knocked-around Catholics who are confused, tempted, maybe even sinners, who are not finding a lot of help from their Church.

If your editorial standards are designed to avoid engaging those kind of Catholics, then, of course, Judging Angels is not your cup of tea, and promoting it makes no sense. That, at least, I can understand and respect.


  1. Apparently you have an attitude problem, Bear. You need write more about the bright side of life!

  2. It seems to me that you have been caught up into the ancient debate over to which degree Christians, if at all, should partake of the theatre.


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