Chapter 1: Last Things Read by Author

Here is a little treat - the audio of Chapter 1: Last Things, read by the author. 

Curl up in your favorite chair, turn down the lights, and enjoy the psychological thriller element of the novel, as you are introduced to George Able - a disgraced lawyer who is being divorced by his wife and disbarred by the state. When he celebrates Christmas Eve with some dangerous company - Messrs. Daniels, Smith, and Wesson - you just know things are not going to end well.

At the present, there is no audio version of Judging Angels and this is not necessarily the version of Chapter 1 that will be used should that project get the green light. Just another way of sharing, and a little experiment to see if I could pull it off.

NOTE: SoundCloud does not provide a way to disable autoplay. If you are creeped out at the end of the reading, my Russian Orthodox Epistle chant or maybe something will definitely get your attention! So you might want to stop the player after the chapter ends.

A chapter takes a full day to record. And is tiring! It's fun, being a quite the performance, but I think I like writing better.

About that... another fun scene finished, introducing two new characters. Well, one of the characters made a minor appearance in the first book, but we get to see a very different side in her debut as a major character.