Another " ***** " Review

I want to thank an FOB (Friend of Bear) who took the time to leave a review at Amazon on Judging Angels. Of course, it was all the sweeter for the pretty stars.

I know you get sick of hearing this, but reviews like those are what people rely on in this day and age. They really do matter enough to warrant the nagging. No, not nagging. I have my self-respect, you know! Let's call it... begging.

 I don't know much about publishing except it seems to be a "top down" process of people buying promoted books, rather than a "ground up" one of good books growing in popularity and attracting attention. My wife and I were discussing books she has recently read and did not enjoy very much. But they are the ones that are heavily promoted.

I get the model and am 100% for people making money.

The community's voice is a wonderful way to gain an audience for good books that bypasses big-money promotion and blacklisting. (See previous re: EWTN.) It is grassroots marketing that money literally can't buy. Success is relative, and my expectations for Judging Angels are reasonable, I believe. Thank you for your honest reviews and God bless.