Another Good Review for Judging Angels

"The way the author bases his characters on experiences and ideas and weaves the faith into the story is brilliant.  I know that mysteries, crime novels, crime dramas, etc… can get pretty stale after a while because there are times when it becomes predictable at every twist and turn. However, That is not the case with the story that is presented through Judging Angels."  -  Joe Sales

Judging Angels sporting
her New York Book
Festival award.
Catholic blogger Joe Sales was kind enough to give a short review of Judging Angels. He reports that had a hard time getting through it, but has nothing but good things to say about it.

If you (forgivably) think "legal thriller" you are going to have difficulty wrapping your head around Judging Angels, because that is not the direction it goes. You barely get a glimpse of the inside of a courtroom, and that only with a secondary character. The story is mainly to hold the reader's attention through an extended meditation on the nature of temptation and our response to it, the sanctity of holy matrimony, and the corroding effect of sin on not only the sinner, but those around him.

When my publisher uses the term "genre-bending," boy is she not kidding!

The characters could not be playing for higher stakes: their souls and the souls of those closest to them. Unlike most novels, which would concentrate on the rescue to the exclusion of other issues, Judging Angels asks the question: how far may one go to save the life of an innocent? The real story is told on the inside.

It is by no means certain everything will be tied up in a happy ending ribbon. (Given that it is the first in a series, a cunning author may have left a question or two, although every character does reach the "natural end" of their trajectory, and it can be enjoyed on its own.)

Think Chronicles of Narnia in the present day with a PG-13 rating. Definitely for grown-ups.

Anyway, you will want to read the whole review. Coupled with the Honorable Mention out of the New York Book Festival and another five-star rating on Amazon, it has been a good week for Judging Angels.