Some Chapter Headings & News

"Where I come from, bouquets are not traditional. It's more about
helping our husbands deal with temptation."

First off, Judging Angels is listed at 15 7 and 19 10 in top 20 Hot New Christian Fantasy books, Kindle and trade paperback respectively. Yes, Christian Fantasy, but not your grandmother's Christian Fantasy. When a woman picks up a gun, it is not a flintlock rifle, she is not in a Conestoga wagon, and she might just be having a really bad day.

Secondly, here are some Chapter Titles I thought I would share.

  1. Last Things
  2. Hermann Goering's Watch
  3. An Occurrence on Highway 21
  4. A Phantom of Delight
  5. A Siren of Wolves
  6. Good Cop - Good Cop
  7. A Family Member
  8. Good News from Parrot Bay, Wisconsin
  9. Charm Offensive
  10. Cats and Dogs
  11. Forensics and Fortune-Telling
  12. Folly, Sex and the Last Cup of Coffee


  1. I completely forgot about this site, until the attractive redhead toting a 6 shooter in a wedding dress popped up in the sidebar, and caught my attention (an often seen occurrence in Texas, btw). I'm on to your ways, Bear.
    Christian fantasy? Thats a new one. Looking forward to reading it.

  2. Wow. Who knew an attractive redhead with a Colt 1911 .45 and a wedding dress might lure a certain type to check this other blog out. But 100% truth in advertising. I should be getting my copies in any day now. Then I will announce a Bearishly good deal for the beloved woodland creatures.

    It's kind of like Reese's - you got your Bear in my writing; no.... well, maybe it is not like that at all. But it does remind me of a case. I would be banned from the entire internet forever, though.

    If you want a paperback, stand by for an announcement in a couple of days regarding autographed copies. It's an offer you can't refuse. Yeah, see? Get it? Bear? Yeah.

  3. Entrapment your Honor!

    I didn't even realize Colt still made handguns, I'd give anything for an original Colt .45 pistol. Used to be the name of our pro baseball team.

    Who could refuse a Bear offer like that? Especially, if I don't want my jaw to be ripped off.


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