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Everything You Need to Know About Judging Angels and
How to Get Your Autographed Copy

Right now, the 500-page trade paperback edition of Judging Angels is available through St. Corbinian's Bear's ephemeris at the cost of $29.99. That is the same price one would pay through Amazon Prime for a non-autographed version.

As part of the roll-out promotion, the Bear will not charge U.S. customers shipping for orders placed between now and June 30th, 2017. In other words, the Bear will eat the shipping charges for a limited time to put the book into your hands.

The Bear will also, for the same limited period, include an original Super Fun Happy Bear Doodle on the autograph page, unless you tell him not to. He has spent hours mastering this and other Bear doodles to district his editor from, well, editing his markups.

Purchase through the regular yellow Buy Now button in the sidebar.* Please tell the Bear to whom and how you would like him to autograph your copy of Judging Angels. (You probably do not want to give a Bear too much latitude unless you want dismembered ponies scrawled all over the first several pages in red magic marker.)

It should automatically handle price and shipping address. If something seems amiss - and, since this was designed by a Bear, it probably will - please let Bear know so he can fix it.

If you do not use PayPal, please send a personal check in the same amount, enclosed with a letter detailing the same information.

*If you are viewing this page on a phone and not seeing the sidebar, please find "view web version" at the bottom and click. Then you may maneuver around on the sidebar.

If You don't Mind, Would You Please Consider an Amazon Review?

As the Bear has mentioned before, today's world of publishing places a lot of importance on Amazon reviews. The Bear hopes his book makes his friends laugh, think, and sleep with the lights on for the rest of their lives. If you like it, please do the Bear a favor by leaving a four- or five-star review over at Amazon. If not, please consider dropping him a quick email, instead, telling the Bear what you did not like, so that Volume II of the Rubricatae Chronicles may better meet your expectations.

Buyer Notes

The Bear has said this before, but there is very sparse, mild profanity, some adult situations, scenes of violence, and adult themes including adultery, divorce, suicide, the harmful effects on children of bad choices made by parents, and confusion over mixed signals that seem to be coming from the Roman Catholic Church today. There is nothing explicit or gratuitous, and the novel takes strong implicit moral stands in line with the magisterium of the Church. It is intended to be a thought-provoking novel for grownups. It is not a novelized version of this ephemeris (although friends should recognize the style and a phrase or two).

That said, the overt Catholicism is limited for a Catholic Urban Fantasy (etc.) novel. Religion plays some role in the lives of some but not all, characters, just like in real life. For some it plays none whatsoever. It is always taken seriously, though, even when taken seriously wrong. In other words, there is no moralizing, no proselyting, and non-Catholics should be more intrigued than overwhelmed. It was the Bear's hope to reach a larger potential audience with a novel built on Christian bones with Catholic DNA. However, any person who must deal with temptation might find it a useful study.

And, then, of course, there are always redheads and guns in this C.S. Lewis - Raymond Chandler mashup. (How did the Bear manage to forget to put a Bear in?)

The Afterword: Tying Real-Life Legal Elements to the Novel

One thing that always gets missed in discussion is the afterword that relates legal elements of the novel to the real world. Some are accurate, some are exaggerated for illustrative purposes, humor or good-natured malice. Most fall under the category of  "do not try this at home." However, if you are interested in some of the more arcane aspects of the real criminal justice system you might not see on CSI - especially when it comes to the death penalty - you might learn a few things.

While it is (among other things) a crime novel, it is not a courtroom drama. It has very little to say about the death penalty per se and what few comments there are are simply true to the characters' making them. In other words, this is not an anti-death-penalty argument the Bear is trying to slip beneath your nose. Two of the main characters are death penalty defenders, and one of them has suffered spiritually from the way he views himself in that role.

The Bear thanks you for your support and patience during this incredibly busy and stressful time for him. He understands that this has caused a disruption of your regular programming. The Bear is no longer sure he even had regular programming. He hopes that those of you who get a copy of Judging Angels in your paws enjoy it.


  1. Hi Bear, I would like to buy your autographed book, but you haven't said anything about shipping internationally.
    Could you provide some information please?


    1. Thanks for asking. International shipping is very expensive and can easily be nearly as much as the book or even more. Email the Bear at st.corbinians.bear@gmail.com for shipping costs. You buy the book at the normal price of 29.99 and use the Donate button to add the shipping. But you may be paying 25 or 50 USD just for shipping. Some have opted for that, and I'm happy they value making the book their very own in that way.

      The alternative is to buy other the book locally and I will mail a personalized autographed insert for your book.

      The Bear blog has all of this spelled out, but I need to get this one synced and in general clean things up. Today, I am having my own personal book signing so we can get everyone's books out to them Monday.

    2. Thank you, Bear, will look into it.


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