Judging Angels Book Club Questions

Tell your doctor that Adapt is right for you. Remind him
to expect the thick envelope on the usual day.

It's bound to happen. Badgers, bunnies, lions, tigers and Bears will be gathering in clearings, dens and Starbucks to discuss their kind's novel, Judging Angels. To get the discussion going for book clubs, here are some suggested questions.

Q: After reading the book, which of the weapons in the story would you choose to defend yourself (it's your story, so you can tell it however you want) from a village of heavily armed rednecks high on Nazi meth?

Q. Can you accurately recite from memory the directions for making Nazi meth? (That isn't covered in the book, so you might want to keep quiet if you can. Book clubs are all infiltrated by the FBI.)

Q. You have asked your doctor for a prescription for Adapt, haven't you? If not, why not? It's pretty cheap through informal channels if your doctor has not yet been sufficiently... educated on its benefits. [Bear discloses he is a paid spokesanimal for Hermes Pharmaceuticals and the world's number one drug, Adapt. "Adapt: the only medicine you need because there is nothing wrong - with you."]

Q. A blond, a brunette and a redhead... wait a second. That's a joke, not a question. You've heard it anyway. But the answer is the redhead.

Q. If you break up with someone you shouldn't be seeing in the first place do you (a) make him/her give back the key to your apartment; or (b) give him/her the key to your apartment if he/she doesn't already have it?

Q. Name the effects of 25 blunt instruments on a human head. (Actually, pretty much one answer covers all of them.)

Q. Are violent videogames for children (a) harmful; or (b) good training?

Q. According to St. Thomas Aquinas, is it okay to do evil in order to accomplish a good result?

Q. Describe the difference between a search warrant and a writ.

Q. Who was the star of the 1925 silent version of Ben-Hur? Elaborate.

Q. You walk into a bar on Christmas Eve. An odd but very attractive member of the opposite sex is determined to go home with you. Do you say (a) "What the Hell, sure!" (b) "Poor thing, this is clearly a Good Samaritan situation;" or (c) "No." Now let's say you're married. Does that make a difference, or do you shrug and say, "I heard somewhere they're changing the rules in this area."

Q. Which member of your family should you be most worried about being kidnapped? Your spouse? Your oldest son? Or your adorable six-year-old daughter who has just been given her first pony (under questionable circumstances but never mind)? (See trailer at top right corner for hint.)

Q. Describe polymerase chain reaction and its use in (a) forensic science; and (b) replication packages with regard to the local corvid typus and that of any passengers or revenants.

Q. Who can have identical fingerprints? (a) twins; (b) clones; (c) no one; (d) thanks, you just destroyed the entire criminal justice system.

Q. What do you think was the most questionable element of a book sold under Amazon's "Christian Fantasy" category?

Q. If "a brush ax" is the answer, what is the question?

Q. What is the working title of the next volume in The Rubricatae Chronicles?