Departed for a Season - Book II in the Rubricatae Chronicles

A very short prologue to Book 2 takes you to the beginning of the Rubricatae Chronicles -1952. The Dante Project makes its first move. It is referred to only as "The DESS File," a public triumph covering a disaster that makes it a nation's most closely guarded secret.

The narrative proper starts three weeks after the end of the first book. The cozy little family drama of Judging Angels is broadened to show how one flawed man's decisions can have consequences beyond what he can possibly imagine.

The little things make headlines in Heaven. Also, it turns out, in Hell.

In fact, a Hell of a lot has happened in those three weeks. Mysteries left over from the ending of Judging Angels are answered, but overwhelmed by new and deeper ones. 

Characters old and new people a chessboard spanning two worlds. The squares seem to dissolve into a gray and uncertain moral battlefield. Characters will need unusual discernment to stay true to their colors. In Judging Angels, they were largely on their own. With the stakes so much higher, will they find the guidance they so desperately need?

In the tradition of Judging Angels, no piece is safe, rules are meant to be broken, and anything can happen. In this chess game, any move may end with an abrupt splash of blood.

Exactly 28 days after the end of the first book, pieces have hastily been positioned for the end game. Two old allies will stand side-by-side to change history.

The Other 28 Days

Then, it is time to reveal a different tale that took place during the 28 days of the original novel. It begins on the same Christmas Eve, but in New York City, and concludes with a bright-eyed agent ending a 65-year-long manhunt on her very first mission.

However, her coup threatens to destabilize a complex detente and stir into action the one person who may be a match for even the very best there are. The Able family must decide, once and for all, just who they are, and what - if any - lines they will not cross to accomplish their goals. Yet they are once again divided - this time by recriminations, pride, and the reappearance of an old temptation.

The God of Crows

Twenty-eight days after the end of Judging Angels, the unforeseeable collision of these two Christmas Eve missions - the one you know and the one you didn't - throws the different stories and characters together into another secret war for the Able family. Only now a new and ruthless leader has emerged.

His mission has not changed. Twenty-eight days after the end of Judging Angels, a handsome blond kid with a shy grin and the eyes of a hunter joins the game's ancient players.

Chess is not a game for three.  He will do anything to protect the ones he loves. His opponents will do anything to protect their power and pleasures.

And in the middle of the black and white pieces on their black and white squares, there stands a familiar solitary piece with her own set of moves.

A Red Queen.