Milestones & Merging the Two Stories

I've got 11,000 words written, so I'm on a good pace. I just finished Chapter 3: "Laikas" (see previous).

The first part was originally intended to be short, and fill in the important events of a 12-day gap between the end of the action in Judging Angels and the beginning of Judging Angels 2. I am finding there is no way to do that in a chapter or two.

So we start with a short flashback, and the new characters are aware of the events going on at the same time in the original novel, but are quickly overwhelmed with their own problems.

But also, the "fill-in" chapters are pretty interesting on their own, if I say so for myself. The new characters deserve to have their story told, too, and the Judging Angels universe will continue to be developed. I'm excited about moving the new material toward its inevitable merging with the characters and situations of the first novel in the series.

It's going to be some collision.

As usual, lots of twists and surprises, mistaken assumptions, back-stabbing and unlikely alliances. So far, the body count is zero. It was two, but I exercised my god-like powers to restore the two Cerberus Security agents to life.

Oh. I forgot. Yes, but somebody else got burned. My bad.

The way I write is I take something familiar, some element of the story or characters readers think they're sure about, and ask myself, "What will the reader expect?" And then I do something completely different.

And then I laugh evilly.